Cloth Diapering Newbies: Part I

For all of you soon-to-be and current parents wondering what is the deal with CLOTH diapers, here is our spin. We will split this topic into several posts because let me tell you: There is a lot of ground to cover. Most of the useful information we found on cloth diapers came from Youtube. But… Continue reading Cloth Diapering Newbies: Part I


Hide a Basement Pole in Plain Sight

One of the projects you'll hear a lot about from us is our basement project. Long story short, we bought a ranch that needed some TLC just before our wedding and we have been working on it ever since. We fixed some minor things on the main level just in time to move in and… Continue reading Hide a Basement Pole in Plain Sight


You’ll never buy gift wrap again

The holidays have creeped up on us once again (Seriously, where did the time go?) and for those of you who have saved shopping for the last minute, buying wrapping paper is the last thing on the endless list of to-dos that you want to make time for. In the holiday spirit of recycling (and… Continue reading You’ll never buy gift wrap again