Home Theater System on a Budget

So after many years of renting apartments and one-story condos, I finally had my own place.  And what do you do when you discover that you have an empty basement? You build your own Home Theater! Right? Because, why not? If you need more convincing, here are some reasons why building a home theater might be… Continue reading Home Theater System on a Budget


DIY: Scarf Hanger/ Wall Art

If you're like me and wear scarves daily, you likely have tried everything to keep them organized. All in vain. Whether folded away in a drawer or strung up away in your closet on some fancy loop hanger, the end result is always the same. Utter chaos. The drawer scenario is just a hot mess… Continue reading DIY: Scarf Hanger/ Wall Art


Cloth Diapering Newbies: Part II

If you read our last post (Cloth Diapering Newbies Part I) and feel like you warmed up to the idea of using or switching to cloth diapers but still have some hesitation about the daily ins and outs of cloth diapering, then this post is for you. So you are considering buying a stash of… Continue reading Cloth Diapering Newbies: Part II

Food · recipe

Easy Chocolate-Walnut Biscotti

We love our tea time and nothing beats tea time except tea time + yummy homemade goodies. These chocolate-walnut biscotti are the perfect accompaniment to tea and coffee: sweet, but not too sweet, and crunchy and nutty and perfect for dunking. They're also super easy to whip up. We always have fresh walnuts on hand… Continue reading Easy Chocolate-Walnut Biscotti


Install a kitchenette in less than 4 hours

Back to some exciting DIY for this week's blog post. From the minute we decided our house was "the one," we knew that we would be finishing our basement. Creating a space where we could host family and friends was something super important to us, so it was a no brainer that we would need… Continue reading Install a kitchenette in less than 4 hours