Welcome to our blog and thank you for stopping by! Here you’ll find the adventures of two dreamers, our growing family, and our cozy home. We are passionate about creating a life and home that is as conscientious and fulfilling as possible and in recent years this has meant learning to slow down and reconsider the impact of our habits on our physical health, spiritual health, and the environment. Coziness, for us, is not just about creating a space that is inviting  and visually appealing  but meaningful, mindful, and environmentally responsible. It’s not a style or a fad and it certainly can’t be bought. Coziness is a labor of love and this blog is an ongoing chronicle of that intentional labor in all that we do around here, whether it’s gardening, crafting with our children, tending to our home, or putting together a home-cooked meal.  In this space you’ll find DIY projects, arts & crafts, recipes, reflections on parenthood, and much more as it pertains to our journey towards simplicity and sustainability. We hope that by sharing what we do, we can inspire you to live more consciously, creatively, and contented. So join us, as we cultivate coziness one adventure at a time.

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