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Reflections on a year of cloth-diapering

Our little hobbit turned one yesterday (where did the time go?!) and we have been reflecting all week on the year that has passed. It certainly wasn't easy. There were so many things we had to learn and many more sleepless nights but we loved every minute of our first year as parents. One of… Continue reading Reflections on a year of cloth-diapering


Cloth Diapering Newbies: Part III

Time to dive a little deeper into the world of cloth diapering. In this post we will be discussing, in much greater detail, how to wash and dry cloth diapers, inserts, and wipes based on what has worked for us.Β The most important yet often overlooked step in diaper laundry is the daily maintenance of cloth… Continue reading Cloth Diapering Newbies: Part III


Cloth Diapering Newbies: Part II

If you read our last post (Cloth Diapering Newbies Part I) and feel like you warmed up to the idea of using or switching to cloth diapers but still have some hesitation about the daily ins and outs of cloth diapering, then this post is for you. So you are considering buying a stash of… Continue reading Cloth Diapering Newbies: Part II


Cloth Diapering Newbies: Part I

For all of you soon-to-be and current parents wondering what is the deal with CLOTH diapers, here is our spin. We will split this topic into several posts because let me tell you: There is a lot of ground to cover. Most of the useful information we found on cloth diapers came from Youtube. But… Continue reading Cloth Diapering Newbies: Part I