Laundry Room Remodel with IKEA’s Algot System

As you may be well aware of, maintaining a home requires not only constant work but some level of organization in order to cultivate a sense of peace and stability. Sometimes organization can be found through specific practices such as meal planning or journaling, other times it can be found in the design of a space that maximizes storage and efficiency. In our home we try to maintain a happy balance between both practice and design. Before having children, doing laundry was manageable because we could fold and put our clothes away in our bedroom without any interruptions. Now with two little ones, we can’t afford to bring the laundry up to fold unless we want our clothes scattered all over the main floor. We found that even though we had scheduled days for doing specific loads, our laundry room was just not equipped to deal with us sorting, folding, hanging, and ironing our clothing in one space. There was no counter-space to fold and no shelving to store laundry baskets and cleaning supplies. Something had to be done!

Here’s what our laundry room looked like before:





When we first bought our house, there was virtually no laundry room. There was just an old washer and dryer sitting in a dark and dusty, cement-walled basement. When we finished our basement in 2014, we made sure to include a space for laundry although we never put much more than a shelf and a sink cabinet. Fast forward to three years later and the realization that our laundry room was wasting valuable space. After much research and number crunching we decided that IKEA’s Algot system provided us with all of the features we were looking for at a very reasonable price. The Algot has a variety of options that accommodate any need from hanging rods to pull out drawers to drying racks. We are very familiar with the system because we had used it to replace our master bedroom and nursery closets but had never considered using it on an open wall. Until now.

In total, we spent $177 for the design we chose and we are very happy with the outcome. The system gave us the shelf space, hanging space, and counter space we desperately needed to deal effectively with laundry all in one space. If you are considering this system but are hesitant about what it will cost you, you can get 100% accurate pricing by designing your space through the Algot planner.

Here’s what our laundry room looks like after:






Of course a remodel wouldn’t be complete without some fresh new decor. Not only did we want a space that is efficient but we also wanted one that is cozy and pleasant to work in. Below we are sharing some of our favorite, simple decor ideas.


  1. Laundry Wall Decal: We had such a hard time settling on one from MyDandelionDecal’s impressive 5-star rated shop but in the end chose a piece that was classic and inviting. The lovely shop owner has set up a 20% off code exclusively for our readers so if you’re interested in supporting a small business while decorating your home, the code is COZYCHRONICLE20
  2. DIY Wool Dryer Ball Basket:  Since we do not use dryer sheets, we needed something to keep our dryer balls from rolling all over the place. Armed with a paint pen, a clearance-priced metal plaque, and a white crate, I was able to put together this adorable storage box for under $10.
  3. IKEA Ljusnan Seagrass Baskets: These baskets add such a rustic touch and are perfect for storing clothes pins and essential oils.
  4. DIY Framed Wall Print: IKEA’s $0.99 Fiskbo Frame meets Michael’s $0.69 scrapbook paper for an inexpensive pop of color and pattern.
  5. Cotton Stem Bouquet: Who else thinks fresh cotton when they think of laundry? This inexpensive mint green jar is the perfect pair to Kirkland’s cotton stem.




As with all things in our home, this laundry room is still a work in progress. One thing that we still have yet to do is designate and design a corner for our cleaning tools. In due time! At this stage in our busy lives, however, this update gives us all the things we needed. It just goes to show you, a space doesn’t have to be fancy to get the job done.

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5 budget-friendly DIYs that can transform your bathroom

We witnessed many horrible bathrooms during our house hunting phase so we were quite grateful about the state of ours. Still, the blue toilet, sink, bathtub, and walls had us grimacing every time we looked. If we focused on the blue it felt like the whole bathroom needed to be gutted and redone but when we focused, instead, on the neutral gray tiles we knew that a few changes and some fresh decor was all this bathroom needed. Here we present 5 budget-friendly DIYs and some bathroom inspiration based on our experience renovating our main bath. If you are a new homeowner and don’t know where to start, this post is for you. If your bathroom tile is in great condition, some fresh paint on the walls and these simple DIY projects can dramatically transform your bathroom and make it look brand spanking new!



  1. Why pay at least $200 to replace your tub when you can paint it for $25? If there are no major problems with it (mold, cracks, dents, etc.), some fresh white paint can really make a difference, especially when you step into the tub for your first shower as a new homeowner 🙂
  2. Replacing an old, worn-out toilet can not only brighten the appearance of a bathroom but is great for the plumbing and conservation of water if that is important to you (we hope it is).
  3. A new vanity can really set the tone of the space; serving as a nice focal point and adding some much needed storage if your bathroom is on the smaller side. It really doesn’t take much to install one either.
  4. If you are changing your vanity and sink, might as well pick out a new faucet to go with it. Goodbye leaky, mildewy faucet and hello pretty shiny metal!
  5. Not to make a lightbulb joke here but it really doesn’t take a seasoned DIYer to change the lighting. Choosing something that adds bright light to the room and accentuates the overall look can go a long way.

This is certainly not a comprehensive list of all the changes you can make but it does cover the largest and often most expensive features in a bathroom renovation. With any renovation, there will always be cheaper and more expensive options so what we have included here are the best of both worlds: good quality at a reasonable price. Not all of these changes are necessary either, as it will depend on the state of your bathroom and budget. Once you have completed any of these major DIYs, you can begin with the fun part of the renovation…decorating!

For instance, you could really add a cozy, rustic feel to the space by installing recycled wood for open wall shelves above the toilet.


Image via Jayadores

Top with pretty trinkets, baskets, plants, and natural stones to bring the walls to life.


Image via Pottery Barn

Images via Ikea

Don’t forget some inexpensive Ikea wall art and mirrors to make the room look more expansive.

erikslund-picture__0290565_PE424883_S4ekne-mirror__0380427_PE555348_S4Last but not least, throw down some plush bath rugs and a pretty shower curtain for a splash of color and pattern.

And voila!


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