Inspirational Wallpaper: November


November is flying by as fast as the leaves are changing color and falling to the earth. This month marked a new transition for us as we welcomed baby #2 into the world and we are just beyond happy.  With Thanksgiving around the corner, we thought we would channel this happiness into a wallpaper that captures both the beauty of the season and the spirit of gratitude that comes with it. May we always journey in this life with a thankful heart for the infinite blessings we have.

For download and Printing: soverythankful

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Inspirational Wallpaper: October

IMG_4638 copy.jpg

October. It’s the beginning of the end but also a beginning in its own right. Despite the earth slowly decaying before our very eyes, it’s a magnificent site to behold. Brilliant fiery hues of red, orange, and yellow take the place of green as the air becomes crisper and cooler. Let us welcome all change as we welcome the warm colors of autumn. Because autumn is so much more than pumpkin-spiced lattes and apple crisp (those are nice, don’t get me wrong). It’s about preparing for the growth and rebirth that will come after the cycle of life and decay has completed itself. What a thought to end the week on huh? Happy Friday and Cheers 🙂

For download and printing: hello-autumn

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Inspirational Wallpaper: September

With labor day weekend behind us and work and a new school year ahead, let us remember to be kind and empathetic to everyone we encounter. It’s difficult to imagine sending my baby off to school, but if today was that day I think I would share these wise words:

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Life is difficult enough as it is so let’s embrace our uniqueness and allow others to do the same. Happy September! We wish everyone a wonderful, fresh start to autumn 🙂


September Wallpaper

Inspirational Wallpaper: July

No explanation is really needed for this dreamy summer wallpaper but Rumi’s words are always spot on. Have a lovely and blessed July!


Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.


July 2016 Wallpaper

Inspirational Wallpaper: June

When we think of June we think of bright sunny days and life in full bloom, which is precisely what we were looking for in this choosing this month’s wallpaper. We hope it gives you nothing but warm summer vibes like it does for us. We wish everyone a happy, fun-filled June.


Tree in Bloom

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DIY: Scarf Hanger/ Wall Art


If you’re like me and wear scarves daily, you likely have tried everything to keep them organized. All in vain. Whether folded away in a drawer or strung up away in your closet on some fancy loop hanger, the end result is always the same. Utter chaos. The drawer scenario is just a hot mess unless you don’t mind the daily maintenance of folding and refolding all the scarves you’ve dug through to find the one that matches your outfit. The loop hanger is simply impractical if you have more than 5 scarves, especially if they are longer in length. If you can actually fill every loop, it becomes very heavy to pull out and eerily resembles Cousin Itt. Does this sound familiar?

cousin it

Tell me your closet scarf hanger doesn’t look like this.

So I was organizing my closet this past summer when I realized that something had to be done about my scarf disaster. I thought about what I really wanted: a clean and aesthetically-pleasing look, easy accessibility, and fairly effortless organization/maintanence. And economical. I wasn’t about to build a walk-in closet for my scarf collection. After a visit to Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Ikea for inspiration, I decided that I wanted to hang my scarves out in the open. I ran it by my husband first just to make sure he was okay with the thought of my scarves hanging up visibly on our bedroom wall. I told him that I imagined it as an art piece; like a tapestry… made of scarves. He was totally on board and actually thought it would look pretty cool. The design I had in mind was a linear arrangement, so I settled on a simple steel rail from Ikea to achieve the look. If you want to get fancy there are no shortage of options but I figured, since the scarves cover up the rail, it didn’t really matter what the rail looks like. Plus, the whole point of a DIY is not to throw away more money. I really wanted to make this solution cheaper than your basic scarf hanger/organizer and I can proudly say that it is. Lastly, I didn’t want to be a scarf hoarder so I went through my collection and donated whatever I hadn’t worn in the last year or two. For that reason, I went with two small rails that fit between 10-12 scarves each. If you have a bigger collection, by all means, go with a bigger rail. Without further ado, here’s what you’ll need and how to put it all together.

Total Cost= $5.98 (2 Bygel rails)
Completion Time= 20 minutes


NOTE: There are a number of ways to hang your scarves up on a rail. All you need is a bit of creativity.  I started first by hooking them up with the complimentary Bygel S-hooks (they’re only $0.99 for a 10-pack) but I just didn’t like the way it looked. Personal preference. You might try it and find that you like it way better than looping them around the rail. Do what you think looks good and makes for easy accessibility.


What you’ll need:
Bygel rail (Ikea)
Bygel S-hooks (optional)
Builder’s level
Power Drill
Screws (4 per rail)
Drywall Anchors (This pack comes with screws so no need to buy them separately)


  1. Pick out a good location to place your rails. You’ll want somewhere with easy access: free of obstacles and not too high because you will want to be able to reach your scarves without straining yourself. Most importantly you’ll want a space where hanging scarves won’t look odd.
  2. Once you’ve picked your spot, hold up the rail with the Builder’s level, making sure it’s straight, and mark with your pencil where you will drill your holes.
  3. Drill very small holes over each of your markings and then use a screwdriver to secure your drywall anchors in the wall.
  4. Hold up your rail, aligning the holes in the rail to the now anchored holes and screw in the rails. It’s really that easy!
  5. Get in touch with your artsy side and organize your scarves into whatever pattern or design you like.

IMG_89276. Once you have settled on your design, all that’s left to do is to hang up your scarves and enjoy the awesomeness that is hassle-free scarf organization.


As I mentioned above, I tried the look first with hooks but wasn’t too crazy about it so I took them down and looped my scarves around the rail. Other than that it was smooth sailing. I ended up installing two rails: 1) on the wall and 2) on the back of the door. Since the one on the wall was going to be a central piece of the room, I opted to showcase my floral, pastel, and colorful scarves to accent the light gray and lavender walls we have.  I’d be lying, though, if I told you I didn’t have any hesitations about how this would turn out but I am happy to report that I love the result. Any thoughts? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions about scarf organization. What has worked or not worked for you? Would you put up something like this?

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